Areas of development

EDLounge was asked by a few local schools and academies to incorporate CPD into their DoMyCPD platform.

We jumped at the chance so that a school CPD co-ordinator can now create their own internal CPD so that all staff and SLT could be doing training and professional development in their own time that follows a structured pathway designated and specifically designed just for them.

The CPD framework within DoMyCPD enables you and your staff to:

  • Create and track your own Staff CPD
  • Bespoke school specific CPD
  • Deliver a clear and structured pathway
  • Editable CPD for SLT, Departments or individuals
  • Have Comprehensive tracking, marking and analysis for CPD
  • View staff strengths and weaknesses via the CPD tracker
  • Follow internal CPD

In DoMyCPD you also have access to CSE, Legal Highs, Alcohol Awareness and Drug Awareness CPD which we have created for your convenience.

Do not forget, you can also create your own elearning CPD using the create CPD builder in side the portal

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